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The CoE Committee of Ministers’ Deputies has adopted the Council of Europe Action Plan for Georgia

On 16 March 2016, the 1251st meeting of the Committee of MinistersDeputies was held, in the frames of which the Committee adopted the Council of Europe Action Plan for Georgia. The document was developed through co-operation between the Council of Europe and Georgia and covers the projects due to be implemented by the Council of Europe in Georgia in 2016-2019 aimed at carrying out co-operation with Georgia in human rights protection, strengthening democratic governance and the rule of law.     

The Action Plan (2016-2019) is based on the results of the Action Plan (2013-2015) and on the conclusions of the Council of Europe Monitoring Mechanisms on Georgia, and covers the following sectors:   

 1.    Protecting and promoting human rights and dignity, ensuring social rights;

2.    Ensuring justice;

3.    Strengthening democratic governance;

4.   Countering threats to the rule of law: corruption, money-laundering, cybercrime, manipulations of sports competitions;

5.    Confidence-building measures.

The Council of Europe will implement the projects under the Action Plan together with the local partners. Certain projects are implemented in the frames of the joint programmes with the EU.